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Hit or Miss? Apple unveils new iPhones at latest product launch

This week saw Apple’s latest product launch event, with the unveiling of its new iPhone models and Apple Watch.

At the event in California on Tuesday, Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed the bigger screen iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, and other products including Apple’s first wearable device the Apple Watch and mobile payment scheme Apple Pay.

As the dust settles a few days on, Apple fans are already queuing for products going on sale next week, but how did Apple handle the much anticipated unveiling?

Apple’s recent keynote revealed a company starting to take risks with its old formula. But not entirely without flaws.

Its social efforts not only crashed the video livestream for countless viewers but demonstrated the consequences of staying on the sidelines all these years. Its 'head of buzz' behind the scenes probably creates genuine social benefit that we can’t see but liveblogging your own event with back-slapping commentary is the most obnoxious move since Nokia reviewed its own phone.

Previously, every other new product reveal (iPod, iPhone, iPad), saw the late Steve Jobs start by analysing the current market and framing the problem that Apple is swooping in to solve. By skipping this, Tim Cook left Apple exposed to the question on everyone’s lips: what is it for?

Hiring execs from Gap and Burberry, inviting fashion bloggers, choosing 'Apple Watch' over 'iWatch' – Apple is moving past the intersection of technology and liberal arts and embracing its position as a lifestyle company. And its new PR efforts reflect this.

Even if it's still finding its way, the kind of reputation transition it's trying to make is so ambitious as to be inconceivable for most companies. And the fact it more or less nailed a whole iPhone 6 launch in the midst of that means I have to score it a hit.